Francisco Javier Milian Rodríguez will be conferred the title of Peace Ambassador

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ODAEE grants the title to individuals who promote democracy, financial and technological inclusion, sports, and peaceful conflict resolution through dialogue. Francisco Milian Rodriguez was nominated due to his contributions in these areas. Francisco Milian Rodriguez was born in New York City and spent his childhood and development between New York City and Texas until the fourth grade, where he moved to Carolina, Puerto Rico, where he continued his upbringing and professional development. He worked as an investigative agent for the Puerto Rico Police for 17 years, recognized ten times as the investigator of the year in different units. Based on his experience, he observed many needs and inequalities in society. This motivated him to pursue an educational path. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in criminal behavior from the University of the East in Carolina, Puerto Rico. After obtaining his degree, he decided to continue his studies and earned a Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in management from the Metropolitan University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Combining his academic degrees with his life and work experience, Francisco Milian Rodriguez founded his own company, "Secret Security Services Inc.," which provided integrated security services to communities and businesses. Through this, he observed inequality, need, and low self-esteem that exist in disadvantaged and marginalized populations. This led him to create the "Caribbean Technical Institute," a vocational school that allows young or adult people from low-income backgrounds to obtain a short career. This was done in collaboration with different programs and aid established by some municipalities in Puerto Rico, such as the WIA program. Francisco Milian Rodriguez is also an amateur boxing referee for the International Boxing Federation (FIBA), providing services for free. He motivates young people to participate in sports and incentivizes them with scholarships of $1,000 to pursue a short career or profession in the academic institution. Not content with his initiatives and observing the number of adolescents with a desire and motivation to participate in sports, many of whom came from dysfunctional homes involving violence and addiction, Francisco Milian Rodriguez created the "Alas" nonprofit foundation. This foundation aimed to identify young people with economic insecurity and a genuine desire to study and practice boxing. The foundation identified participants with genuine interest and discipline, providing them with basic elements and empowering them to continue fighting to achieve their goals. Later, in an effort to reach more youth, he created the virtual magazine "Aulas Magazine," aimed at guiding young people on different educational options. Continuing his desire to be competent and continue to develop professionally, Francisco Milian Rodriguez decided to pursue a doctoral degree in law. He was nominated as an Ambassador of Peace due to his contributions in promoting democracy, financial and technological inclusion, sports, and peaceful conflict resolution.